A Good Shape Everyone Wants

For most people, it’s better to keep the clearance time before 8 p.m., so that enough digestion time can be reserved for the stomach. Yes, the digestive system will stop working when it is about to go to sleep, especially the three hours before going to bed. It’s better not to eat any food any more. As for the milk tea supper, it’s better to exclude it and actively put an end to it. In addition, water intake and other forms of water intake should be reduced before tax to prevent edema after getting up the next day.

Dinner must not eat full, maintain at 67 full degree is very perfect, and for the choice of food should also pay attention to avoid eating some too greasy food, as far as possible to keep light, in order to reduce the body’s digestive burden, but also can effectively prevent excessive intake of calories, resulting in fat accumulation, resulting in obesity.

Therefore, the staple food intake for dinner should be about half of that for lunch. In addition, we can eat some boiled vegetables, such as broccoli, lettuce and spinach. These foods are very helpful for improving the sense of fullness and can effectively reduce our desire for food.

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