Any Shortcut to Lose Weight?

“For adults, they can lose about 1 kg of weight every week, which is easy to be accepted by the human body. A reasonable diet for weight loss should be to reduce the total energy consumed every day on the basis of nutritional balance. The basic principle of diet for weight loss should follow the “pyramid” of dietary balance. At the same time, we should eat a low-fat diet and eat more vegetables and fruits. ” Zhai Mingqian introduced.

Does this mean that the less you eat, the better“ It’s not that the less you eat, the more you lose weight. ” He said that if an adult woman consumes only 800 kcal of calories a day, her metabolism will soon decrease, her body will become easily tired due to lack of necessary energy and nutrition, and her skin and complexion will be dim. In addition, after two or three days of restoring diet, the slightly reduced weight is likely to rebound back and even get fatter.

He introduced that eating can abide by the three meal law of “eating breakfast like the emperor, Chinese food like civilians and dinner like beggars”. You must not destroy this principle due to weight loss. A regular and moderate diet naturally establishes good eating habits and lays a foundation for weight loss, so as to be thin and healthy.

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