Can eating more help lose weight?

High intensity exercisers’ meal and snack intake increased after exercise, while sensor data showed that they spent most of their time sitting except for special exercise; On the contrary, those who exercise at moderate intensity have more fragmented activities throughout the day, such as standing longer or walking stairs. This shows that only the right amount of exercise consumes energy, but it does not make people feel too tired, can prevent people from subconsciously taking more rest or eating more food to replenish energy.

The relationship between the amount of exercise and the effect of weight loss has attracted the attention of many scholars. From the perspective of physiological mechanism, the energy consumption of human body is mainly composed of three parts. The first part is basic metabolism, that is, when the body is at rest, in order to meet the basic functional needs of heat, this part accounts for 60% to 80% of daily heat consumption; The second part is the energy needed to digest food, accounting for 10% of the total energy consumption; The third part is the consumption of physical activities, which accounts for 10% to 30% of the total. Moreover, the activities mentioned here include basic activities such as walking. That is to say, the energy consumed by running and other ritualistic sports in order to lose weight is only a small proportion.

Studies have found that people are more hungry after exercise, or overestimate the energy consumption of exercise, but will eat more. The basic physiological reaction is that the more you move, the slower your daily activities will be. For example, people who have finished rolling iron will drink and go up and down the elevator; After getting home, take a shower and lie on the sofa; Lying down, he got up and rushed to the refrigerator for food. This is called compensatory behavior, which is subconsciously directing the body to compensate for the heat loss caused by exercise. Have the brothers and sisters who meet to play ball games and go to the stall to drink beer after exercise carefully calculated their energy consumption and extra calorie intake?

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