Can Jumping Rope Helps Lose Weight?

Generally speaking, if you eat too much and ignore aerobic exercise, fat will accumulate quickly. Rope skipping has always been favored in all kinds of weight loss sports. Skipping rope for 30-40 minutes can consume 300 kcal, while a bowl of white rice has about 250 kcal. For every kilogram of fat lost, it takes about 7700 kcal calories to burn. According to statistics, people who use rope skipping to lose weight can generally lose 5-10 kg or more in two weeks.

However, many mm are worried that rope skipping weight loss will make their legs thicker. So what is the effect of rope skipping? Does rope skipping grow muscles? How to skip rope to lose weight without making your legs thicker?

For women who want to lose weight by skipping rope, don’t be anxious. Learn to go step by step. At the beginning of learning, only jump in place for 1 minute; After the body adapts, it can be extended to 3 minutes and 10 minutes until it jumps for half an hour at a time. Jumping for half an hour at a time is equivalent to jogging for 90 minutes, which is the amount of standard aerobic exercise to lose weight. The time of rope skipping is generally not limited. As long as you avoid physical discomfort, pay attention not to jump rope before and within half an hour after dinner.

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