Can You Lose Weight by Eating Less Meat but More Fruits?

After eating and drinking, the weight will soon rebound. If it is repeated, it will not only bring physical injury to the fitness people, but also a blow to the confidence of weight loss, resulting in greater psychological pressure.

“Not having dinner is also a bad way to lose weight.” Mou Xianming pointed out that fasting is a shortcut to lose weight, which is a misunderstanding. If the calorie intake is greatly reduced, the body will fall into a state of hunger, thus reducing the consumption of basic metabolism. Even if you eat less, it will eventually affect the effect of weight loss.

There is also a misunderstanding that as long as more exercise can lose weight. However, some people take part in sports and gain weight instead of losing weight. This is because the most basic principle of losing weight is negative energy balance, that is, the consumption of heat energy is greater than the intake of heat energy. Eating and drinking after exercise, without control, the added energy far exceeds the consumed energy, so the effect of weight loss is naturally not good. “Exercise to lose weight, not only to adhere to exercise, but also appropriate diet, is the right way to lose weight.”

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