Do Many People Choose Running to Lose Weight?

Most people will choose to run to start exercise, because running is an aerobic exercise with a low entry threshold. You can run no matter by the river, playground or community. People who lose weight generally require to keep jogging speed. They can consume 550-650 calories an hour.

Such a weight loss plan is a good choice for novices. However, running training is not easy for most novices to adhere to. Because their cardiopulmonary function is relatively weak, they are often exhausted after running for less than 10 minutes.

Novice running for half an hour needs to be completed in at least two times. Many people will feel boring and difficult to adhere to in the middle of running. Finally, they choose to give up and lose weight will eventually fail.

Exercise to lose weight requires a certain amount of perseverance. When you keep running for more than a month, you will find that the running time is slowly prolonged. Long term running training can gradually improve cardiopulmonary function and strengthen exercise ability.

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