Do you have to Choose Aerobic Exercise to Lose Weight?

Aerobic exercise, as the name suggests, is fat burning exercise. Insisting on aerobic exercise can promote fat burning and be consumed. When the body fat is reduced, the body will naturally lose weight. However, only aerobic exercise thin body, is likely to be shriveled and thin body.

Strength training is a kind of muscle increasing exercise. In the process of exercise, we constantly improve our muscle content, so as to improve our metabolism and keep the body in a state of high calorie consumption. And through the strength training thin body, generally speaking, are more solid and tight, dress thin, strip have meat, have muscle lines.

Generally speaking, aerobic exercise is running, fast walking, swimming, dancing, playing ball, riding, mountain climbing, rope skipping or HIIT interval training and other whole body fat burning activities. These activities, whether carried out outdoors or at home, basically do not need too much money, as long as you have a set of sports equipment.

Although strength training includes weight training and equipment training, many people will choose to go to the gym to do equipment training, because it is more selective and challenging, and going to the gym will cost a certain amount of money to do cards and so on.

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