Does Weight Loss Mean Dieting?

Weight loss does not mean dieting, but to reasonably control the range of calories, excessive dieting will make the body malnutrition, metabolism blocked, easy to rebound in the future. Therefore, weight loss should be controlled to reduce the number of calories, usually reduce the number of calories should not exceed 20% of the total number of calories. The daily reduction of heat should be controlled at about 400-500 calories, which can not only meet the basic metabolism of the human body, but also ensure the basic operation of the body.

A single diet is also bad for your health. The human body needs a variety of protein, carbon, water and fat intake in order to maintain the nutritional needs of the human body. Don’t skip rice or meat in order to lose weight. You need to eat a low-fat, high fiber and high protein diet instead of cutting off carbon water or fat. If you’re worried about the high calorie content of rice and meat, you can use roughage and low-fat chicken breast and fish instead. In addition, high fiber vegetables and fruits need to be supplemented, and 7-8 different ingredients should be guaranteed every day, so that the body can absorb different minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

In addition to three meals, many people like to eat all kinds of snacks, but they underestimate the calories of snacks. A cup of Caramel Milk Tea contains 450 calories, and some ordinary snacks also contain quite high calories. A packet of potato chips has about 550 calories. Fried food is also the key to making you fat. Lose weight to self-discipline, do not indulge themselves, do not eat. In the daily diet, if you give up snacks, only eat three meals, and a fat diet, so as to eliminate the excess source of calories.

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