Don’t take weight loss too seriously

Many people are always too concerned about their weight gain or loss during weight loss. Although weight is the most intuitive indicator of a person’s fatness, it does not determine whether your weight loss is successful or not. There are too many factors that can affect the success of weight loss, and weight is just a healthy reference value. Can you say that obese people are above 3-digit weight?

So don’t take weight loss as weight loss, it’s easy to get into the mistake of weight loss, which will not only reduce your body metabolism, but also harm your body. It’s not a good thing for you to lose weight quickly during the weight loss period. According to scientific research, it’s normal for people who lose weight to lose 4-5 Jin in a month, and the weight dropped may be pure fat.

The amount of fat in our body determines whether we are fat or thin, that is, how to reduce the body fat rate during weight loss, that is, how to reduce the excess fat in our body. Only by lowering your body fat rate can you lose weight.

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