Eat after Exercise of Exercise after Eating

For weight loss, perhaps everyone has their own unique methods, can express their views, but exercise is certainly inevitable, many people in the process of weight loss are prone to doubt, if people in the process of weight loss, is “eat first and then exercise”, or “exercise first and then lose weight”, the problem plagued many people.

Exercise before eating, many people will do this, especially those who are obviously fat. If they don’t eat and exercise directly, they may consume more calories, and eventually lead to excessive exercise and “hypoglycemia”. Their main symptoms are dizziness and fatigue, and they may fall at any time.

If you choose to exercise after eating, it may affect the digestion of the human body. As time goes by, it will lead to gastrointestinal diseases, and eventually become “lost sesame and watermelon”. Moreover, food is not easy to be digested, but easy to be absorbed into fat.

In a word, no matter before and after exercise, people are required to master the details, that is, to control the propriety, they can exercise on an empty stomach, but the premise is to ensure that there is enough heat left in the body, so that the symptoms of hypoglycemia are not easy to appear in the process of exercise. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much about whether we eat before exercise. We just need to make sure that the calories brought by what we eat can be completely consumed by the amount of exercise, so people are not easy to get fat.

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