Eat these Food for Dinner to Lose Weight

Although the taste of celery is disliked by many people, the effect of reducing weight and weight of celery is really good, especially pressing celery into juice and drinking a cup of celery juice every night can not only add more vitamins to the body, but also play the role of scraping oil and burning fat.

Because the dietary fiber content in celery is relatively high, it can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help excrete the stool in the intestine, improve the metabolic rate, and achieve the goal of weight loss. If you don’t eat at dinner, you may feel hungry. At this time, you might as well drink a cup of celery juice, which can not only relieve hunger, but also reduce weight. Stick to a cup of celery juice every day, The skin will also be fairer and smoother.

Now more and more people have the problem of constipation, which leads to the increase of toxins and garbage in the body, and the skin is getting worse and worse. The first step to lose weight is to clear the intestines. If you have constipation, you might as well eat some food that can moisten the intestines and defecate at dinner. Pitaya is a better choice.

Pitaya is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and the seeds of Pitaya are relatively smooth. After eating, it can drive the toxins in the intestines out of the body. At the same time, pitaya also has the effect of beauty and beauty. If you insist on eating a pitaya for dinner every day for a period of time, you will find that your skin is fairer and your constipation problem has been solved.

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