Essential Exercise for Weight Loss

For a person who likes to stay at home all day, especially those who always stay in the sofa to brush their mobile phones and watch TV, the energy consumption of a day’s exercise may be only 50-100kcal, while a professional athlete with a large amount of exercise can be as high as 3000kcal. Exercise energy consumption mainly depends on the intensity of exercise and the weight of people engaged in exercise. Most sports, whether running or yoga, need to fight against their own weight, and fitness on the weight, lifting 100 kg barbell will definitely consume more energy than lifting 60 kg.

That is, in addition to active exercise, energy consumption of daily activities, including commuting or learning to walk or ride, shopping, cooking, doing housework, moving things, up and down stairs, etc. There are many differences in non sports energy consumption among different groups of people, such as farmers or workers, who unconsciously consume a lot of energy when they work every day, while sedentary office workers consume much less energy every day. Careful observation of the thin people around them, often their non exercise energy consumption will be much more than fat people. In daily life, the non exercise energy consumption of healthy adults is about 300 kcal, which is equivalent to half an hour of jogging.

Some people often keep fit, but the effect of weight loss is not good. In retrospect, will there be similar ideas like “don’t walk to work when you keep fit today” or “don’t bother to climb the stairs or take the elevator, anyway, you have already exercised today”? If the body-building becomes lazy and reduces the non exercise energy consumption, the energy consumption of the body-building will be offset. In addition, when the energy consumption continues to exceed the intake over a period of time, the body will take the initiative to reduce the non exercise energy consumption, that is, with the progress of weight loss, we will become lazy and prefer sitting and lying, which is also an important reason for the weight loss plateau period.

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