Exercise Promotes Weight Loss

Every girl has an indescribable persistence in weight loss. Even if she has a good figure, she still hopes to be thinner. However, it is not so easy to lose weight successfully. Many people have many questions about the matter of losing weight by exercise, such as how long can exercise drive fat burning? What kind of exercise is more conducive to weight loss, and so on, today’s one-time puzzle for you, after reading you may understand.

In fact, most people have misunderstandings about the consumption of calories and the burning of fat. They think that only by exercising can fat be consumed. In fact, the body needs to consume a lot of calories to maintain its normal physiological operation. Even if you lie down and do nothing, some calories are consumed, and this way of consuming calories is called basal metabolism. Don’t underestimate the basic metabolism. The calorie consumption of basic metabolism accounts for about 65%, far more than that of food heat effect and exercise.

Carbohydrates, protein and fat are all sources of calories for us. Although our basic metabolism needs to consume a lot of calories, at the same time, fat is also constantly synthesized. From the perspective of weight loss, only when the speed of calorie consumption exceeds the speed of fat synthesis can we help to lose weight.

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