Five most effective aerobic weight loss exercises

Swimming is a good way to lose weight, is also a good body exercise, and to improve cardiopulmonary function is very effective, but many people do not know how to swim, so can be used in the swimming pool to replace, this is very good to improve the heart rate effect. However, friends who can swim should also pay attention to swimming to lose weight. It’s not a swimming competition. Don’t pursue speed. It’s OK to meet the requirement of heart rate. At the same time, you must pay attention to enough oxygen uptake.

Nowadays, many gyms have spinning bikes. The design of these bikes is very suitable for aerobic training, but the general cycling training room is too small. When many people trained in the past, it was easy for them to lack oxygen in the room. Although the design of the gym is to increase the ambient temperature, make the athletes sweat a lot, and improve the weight loss effect. But I’m in favor of giving up healthy practices while losing weight. If you want to lose weight by cycling outdoors, it is recommended to choose mountain bike (only there is a speed limit in the city, and the environment is not very good).

I don’t advocate that beginners or friends with poor physical conditions can do aerobics to lose weight. It’s too simple to meet the requirements of heart rate. It’s more complex to have higher requirements on body strength, flexibility and flexibility. Ordinary people can’t do it at all. If the action is not in place, it has no effect and is easy to cause injury. Although there are various kinds of very attractive aerobics now, But I suggest that friends without physical conditions do not use aerobic operation as a way to lose weight.

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