Four Practical Ways to Reduce Fat

When you lose weight, don’t just eat low calorie and full fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight better, you’d better eat more high-quality protein food. In daily life, many foods are rich in protein, such as chicken breast, eggs, shrimp, fish and so on. When losing weight, we should not only control the intake of calories, but also pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

Water can increase the body’s calorie digestion, each drink 500ml who can increase 5 ~ 30% metabolic rate. The body takes in about 2 liters of liquid through the mouth every day. Water is mainly absorbed in the small intestine. Drinking water is an important part of maintaining the metabolism of life. After drinking water for 30-40 minutes, the metabolic efficiency will increase to the maximum, and can last for 60-90 minutes, so it is recommended to drink 1.5-2L water every day to reduce weight and waist circumference.

Exercise should be combined with aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. At ordinary times, we should reduce the sedentary time, because the heat consumption of sedentary people is far less than that of active people. When going to and from work, we can get off one or two stops in advance, walk, and do a group of stretching exercises before going to bed to relax the body and improve the quality of sleep.

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