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In a previous study in the laboratory, scientists injected the blood of young mice into old mice and observed that the thinking ability of aging animals had improved. Saul veleda, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, said it was like “transmitting the memory of young people through blood”. He and his colleagues Alana Horowitz and van Shelley conducted the study.

However, these changes occurred because the donor animals were young, not because of their exercise habits. Scientists suspect that exercise may trigger additional changes in the blood, which may be transferable, regardless of the animal’s age.

So as a first step in the new study, they gave young and old mice six weeks of running exercise, and then injected the blood of the two groups of mice into the sedentary old mice. As a result, the older mice performed better on cognitive tests than the control group, regardless of which experimental group their blood came from. Their brain memory centers also showed peaks in the production of new neurons. Therefore, what matters is the activity of donors, not their age.

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