How should we lose weight in a body-friendly way?

Obesity is a great problem for modern people. Some people are eager for success, but it will lead to rebound, which is not conducive to health. We should lose weight according to different physique. The best way to lose weight is healthy, and the habit will become more and more beautiful.

Eat only seven points full. If you want to eat delicious food, you can get the nutrition consumption of human body. If you eat too much, you will be wasted. What you can’t consume will become fat and lead to obesity.

Occasionally eat too much to eat. Never sit or lie down after a meal will grow meat, as the saying goes, “keep your mouth shut, open your legs.” don’t do strenuous exercise immediately after dinner, and walk more slowly.

Usually do not eat sweets and junk food. The fat content of sweet food is very high, and the calories of junk food are very high. They are easy to get fat, and they need to exercise for a day without eating or drinking in order to completely consume them. No eating after 8 p.m.

Eat more sour food. Especially vinegar can decompose fat, eat noodles, hot pot and other salty food when adding vinegar to promote digestion, but also can play a role in beauty. Such as yogurt, hawthorn bubble water and so on can.

Drink more lemonade. Lemon is a high-quality natural antioxidant and has a good effect on defecation. It doesn’t need to be too thick with sliced slices, soaked in water and honey. It’s good to drink this way, but it’s not suitable for drinking too much.

Eat less meat and more vegetables. There are many people in order to lose weight diet will be malnourished, can not but eat less meat and greasy food, eat more vegetables can not only lose weight, but also whitening detoxification effect.

Exercise more often. Daily fixed time exercise, no time can also do simple aerobics and yoga at home, daily rope skipping effect is very good.

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