Inefficient Aerobic Exercise for Losing Weight

The higher the intensity of your exercise, the higher the proportion of sugar consumed, so for crazy runners, their weight loss efficiency will not be particularly high.

I believe many kids see some muscle giants in the gym. They don’t run very fast when they are running. They may only use the gradient on the treadmill to increase certain intensity. Because in terms of the effect of fat consumption, aerobic exercise with slightly lower intensity has a higher proportion of total fat consumption. However, if you choose long-term high-intensity aerobic training, although you consume more calories from the overall data, the proportion of fat consumption will decrease simultaneously, and you may also face the problem of muscle decomposition at this time.

This is because when we do low-intensity aerobic training, the body uses more aerobic oxidation system, and the energy supply ratio of fatty acids will be larger. If we maintain moderate intensity aerobic exercise for a long time, the body will also produce a lot of cortisol, which will accelerate the decomposition of muscles.

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