Is Jogging a Good Aerobic Way to Lose Weight?

Weight loss mainly depends on aerobic exercise rather than strength training. Jogging belongs to aerobic exercise. It is an aerobic exercise. It can be carried out sustainably and consume excess fat. Fast running belongs to anaerobic exercise, which will exhaust internal force in a short time, and has higher requirements for cardiopulmonary function. It can not be carried out for a long time. It is mainly a sport to exercise muscles.

Many people are afraid that running will thicken their calves, mainly because running too fast leads to bulky muscle fibers and muscle congestion.

Those who choose jogging training only need to relax and stretch after exercise. With the decline of body fat rate, their legs will only become thinner and thinner, and there will be no phenomenon of small and thick legs.

For those who choose to run to lose weight, the general speed can be controlled at 6-8km / h. each running time should be more than 30 minutes, and the fat burning efficiency will be improved. Because at the beginning of exercise, the body mainly decomposes glycogen, and the participation of fat is very small.

With the extension of exercise time, the body glycogen is almost consumed, and the participation of fat will be greatly improved. In other words, every time you run for more than 30 minutes, your fat burning efficiency will be greatly improved.

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