Is over-exercise good?

Athletes often over exercise, prone to “overtraining syndrome”, on the contrary will lead to decreased immunity, more vulnerable to influenza and other viruses.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, excessive exercise has great disadvantages. On the one hand, excessive exercise leads to excessive consumption of Yang Qi. Yang, Wei outside for solid also. If the function of Yang Qi is decreased, it is easy to be infected with exogenous pathogens; Second, excessive exercise not only consumes Yang Qi, but also Yin fluid, resulting in imbalance of yin and Yang, or in a low-level balance of yin and Yang, which makes people prone to disease.

In fact, we have observed that once retired, athletes tend to gain weight quickly, or suffer from injuries, which is the manifestation of insufficient Yang Qi, or poor Yang Qi, and decreased gasification function.

Nowadays, many people like to run, even every day, and they run a lot. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although it is beneficial to exercise the will, it is not necessarily beneficial to health. My own practice is to run 10 kilometers three times a week in 55 minutes, not fast or far.

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