Is Playing Sports the Only Way to Lose Weight?

A study shows that if a 200 pound man runs four days a week for an hour a month, he can lose about five pounds at most, with all other conditions unchanged. But other conditions will not remain the same.

Researchers have found that when we start to increase our daily exercise, we make a variety of behavioral and physiological adjustments, such as eating more. There is also evidence that some people slow down after exercise, which is called “compensatory behavior”, that is, all kinds of ways to unconsciously damage the effect of exercise. At the same time, the researchers also found a phenomenon called “metabolic compensation”. When people begin to lose weight, their static metabolism may slow down.

In 2012, another special study, researchers went to the Tanzanian grassland to study the energy consumption of a group of hunters, who were extremely active and thin. But the results show that their energy consumption is basically the same as that of office workers who usually sit in the office. That is to say, although they exercise a lot more than office workers, they don’t burn more calories. The reason they keep slim is that they don’t eat too much, and the calories burned by exercise can be easily offset by diet.

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