Is Running Helpful for Losing Weight?

We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide in a day, and photosynthesis decomposes and absorbs oxygen. Absorb oxygen at night and decompose carbon dioxide. This tells us that there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the park overnight, and there are many trees, so the carbon dioxide will not dissipate in the morning. Therefore, we should not run in the morning where there are many trees, which will absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. Inhaling too much carbon dioxide is harmful to our health. Stimulating the respiratory center of the body can cause dyspnea, dizziness and serious death. Therefore, it is very important to choose the running place and avoid the area with many trees.

With the development of the times, the air quality is getting worse and worse, and there are more and more morning fog. Running in the fog is harmful to our health. Fog is easy to absorb harmful substances on the ground and lift harmful substances in the air to the sky to form water droplets. It is also the pathogenic source of microorganism. Inhale when breathing while running. Avoid running in thick fog.

There are a lot of friends around, and I have no experience in running at the beginning. While running, they suddenly stop and sit on the ground to rest. It’s dangerous because when we run, our muscles contract rhythmically. The sudden stop of running relaxes the blood vessels of the body. When the blood is transported to the lower limbs, once it stops suddenly, it is easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. So normal running to rest, first slowly walk, adjust breathing, and then slowly stop.

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