Is Running Helpful to Lose Weight?

We all know that running is good for our health, and it is also helpful to lose weight. However, many people may have too high expectations for it. They hope that they will lose weight as soon as they run, so many people will pay too much attention to their weight.

In fact, when many people insist on running, the weight loss is not very obvious. It will drop quietly, which is far from your expectation. So some people will think that the weight has not dropped down. As long as you can persist, you will find obvious effect.

For many people who lose weight, many people know that there is a platform period and bottleneck period for weight loss. If the weight loss is in the bottleneck period, the weight will not lose, and there may be weight gain. At this stage, even if you keep running every day, there may be no weight loss.

When there is such a situation, I hope you don’t give up. Only by continuing to exercise every day and running every day, can it help you break through the bottleneck period and lose weight. I hope you don’t give up halfway.

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