Most Effective Way of Energy Consumption

The effect of energy consumption is different with different exercise time and intensity. More than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can increase the energy consumption from 60% ~ 95% to 95% ~ 98%. After 30 minutes of exercise, fat consumption increases, sugar consumption decreases, and the weight loss effect is better.

Exercise in a variety of ways. Each time you choose the same exercise mode and the same amount of exercise, the fat burned will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is best to choose a variety of aerobic exercise as far as possible, change regularly, give different stimuli to the body, and the heat consumed will rise sharply.

It should be reminded that you can’t eat within 30 minutes after exercise. At this time, the gastrointestinal blood vessels are in a Contracting State, and eating affects digestion. After exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables to neutralize the acids produced in the body. Don’t drink a lot of water after exercise, because water will cause a burden on the heart after entering the blood through the intestines and stomach.

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