Run in Good Ways to Lose Weight

Correctly mastering the breathing method during running is to improve the running efficiency and practice the focus of medium and long-distance running, which can enable you to run rhythmically in the process of medium and long-distance running and save your physical strength. How to adjust your breathing when running?

Running is an aerobic exercise, which obtains oxygen through breathing. Many people cause muscle spasm and bifurcation due to improper breathing during running, or they are already panting and exhausted without running a few steps. Learning to use scientific breathing methods will make your running easier and have better fat burning and fitness effects.

When running, many people feel that their breathing is not smooth enough, so they begin to open their mouth and breathe in. This is not only easy to cause wind cough, but also easy to cause fatigue. The correct way should be to breathe through the nose, and the nose hair can also help filter the impurities in the air.

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