Some Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Jogging up and down the stairs or the bleachers in the playground is a very beneficial aerobic exercise. Climb 6 to 12 stairs as fast as you can, rest for two or three minutes after each run, and repeat the exercise continuously. While resting, you can also continue to climb a few stairs, which can keep your heart rate constant. Try to skip a step every time you step on a step, which will help improve the muscle strength of the lower limbs. In order to make the aerobic exercise arrangement more complete, it should also include jogging, walking or cycling 3 to 4 times a week.

At home, you can use dumbbells to practice biceps bending, shoulder push and triceps extension. To exercise your chest, lie flat on the ground or on a bench, extend your arms and place the dumbbell above your chest. Try lying face down on the bench and lifting dumbbells to exercise your back.

After a short rest, start exercising your triceps, chest and back. Whether at home or in the office, find a chair, sit straight on it, put your hands on any armrest of the chair, put your feet flat on the ground, pull your body up, count from 1 to 10, then return to the sitting position and repeat this action again and again. Through this exercise, your lower back muscles will be firm and strengthened. This sport is completely free!

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