Take Proper Exercise to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight effectively, it is very important to form an appropriate calorie gap by adjusting diet and proper exercise. The most suitable calorie gap is 10-20%. In the diet basically remains unchanged, that is, the intake of calories basically remains unchanged, increasing calorie consumption can indeed play a certain role in weight loss. It’s just that everyone’s physical condition is different, and there are certain differences in the details of what kind of role they can play.

When losing weight, in addition to losing excess fat, many people will also lose some valuable muscles. The decline of muscle mass will not only lead to the decline of strength and endurance, but also affect the body shape. It will lead to the decline of basic metabolism, which will affect the effect of weight loss. When losing weight, the best result is to reduce more fat, keep the amount of muscle does not decline, or even slightly increase.

Lose weight through exercise, do both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is mainly equipment exercise and unarmed exercise, moderate intensity aerobic exercise is the most effective to lose weight, exercise time is at least 30 minutes, generally 45-60 minutes. But also full of heat, stretching muscles, joints, to avoid injury.

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