The Effects of Losing Weight Depends

The researchers also found that some way of exercise can reduce the genetic effect of obesity indicators in varying degrees. Moreover, the more people with obvious genetic tendency, the greater the benefits of regular exercise. This means that as long as you choose the right way of exercise and stick to it, the more fat people who drink cold water, the more likely they are to gain weight loss effect. Are you encouraged? Heredity is inborn, we can’t change it, but it’s up to us whether we exercise or not.

It’s a pity, but it’s also unexpected. It’s the same exercise, different ways, the difference in weight loss effect is really big enough. The study found that some popular sports, such as cycling, stretching, swimming, dancing machine, qigong and so on, at least in this study, no genetic effect that can change obesity indicators was observed.

In explaining the results of the study, some scholars pointed out that perhaps this study is observational, and the degree of participation in sports is based on the data reported by the subjects themselves, which may be biased. In addition, some sports, such as basketball, tennis and weightlifting, may involve fewer people, so it is impossible to find statistically significant results.

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