Two Golden Rules to Lose Weight

As we all know, the two golden rules of weight loss are to keep your mouth shut and keep your legs open. To keep your legs open is to exercise more. To keep your mouth shut is to eat less, especially those high in calories, oil, salt and sugar, and those high in protein and fat.

Keeping a good work and rest is very important for weight loss, because a good work and rest can make people’s body recover to the best state, which is conducive to regulating the metabolism of the human body, keeping people’s metabolism in a very good state, and is conducive to metabolizing the body’s excess heat. At the same time, a good sleep can also ensure a good physical state, This is also conducive to the development of fitness and other sports.

When people are in a good mood, it is a very important factor to keep fit. Many people don’t understand why. In fact, when people are angry and sad, people are depressed, which will affect the body’s endocrine and cause endocrine disorders, which is not conducive to the body’s metabolism. And bad mood, easy to overeat, is not conducive to the development of weight loss, so to maintain a good mood for weight loss is very important.

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