Two Mistakes You may Make during Weight Loss

Many people can’t figure out this kind of situation. Originally, they consumed very few calories. Why didn’t they lose weight? In fact, that’s not true. 90% of dieters are making mistakes.

If the daily intake of calories is very small and can be understood as dieting behavior, dieting itself is not the right approach.

The vast majority of dieters feel that if they greatly reduce their caloric intake, it will not be easy to make a profit on their daily caloric intake. Of course, weight rest will go down. However, it ignores that the reason why you lose weight is burning fat or wasting muscle?

We have often heard of apple diet, do not eat dinner, etc., in fact, this belongs to dieting behavior. No matter what kind of diet, the body according to metabolism is not consumed by the body’s body fat, just the body’s muscles.

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