Weight Loss Focusing on Reducing Body Fat

For a person who is not overweight or obese, if his energy is improved, his waist circumference is not increased, and his abdomen is flattened, then proper weight gain is not a bad thing. As the saying goes, “Qi and blood are sufficient”, and in scientific language, the metabolic rate has increased, which is a good thing. Because only the increase of fat is called obesity. The weight gain of muscle, bone, blood and other useful tissues is not called obesity, but healthy weight gain.

Healthy weight gain can be divided into two situations. One is that the original amount of muscle is too small, once there was a diet to lose weight or malnutrition, starvation can not go down, then first through this stage, through supplementary nutrition and moderate exercise, improve physical strength, raise the metabolic rate, in order to start a new weight loss. In this process, there will be an intermediate process of gaining weight and not looking fat.

To be patient, after the spirit is good, and then moderately increase exercise, or slightly reduce a little fat and staple food, you can slowly become thinner. The other is that although they have exercised, their appetite has also increased. If you are overweight, you should reflect on whether you eat too much. As long as you get rid of drinks, snacks, alcohol, and a little less fried vegetable oil and staple food, you will lose weight.

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