What is the most effective way to lose weight?

Generally, coarse grains, beans, dark vegetables, fruits, seafood and lean meat that we often eat belong to low calorie food. High calorie refers to fat meat, a variety of oil-rich snacks and sweets. Their control amount should be kept at 1000 calories a day, at least not less than 800 calories. They should consume calories during exercise, We should also control the calories of the three nutrients to ensure that the protein supply is about 25%, the fat supply is about 10%, and finally our carbohydrate content should be controlled at about 65%. In the process of control, we can take diet therapy to make the daily intake of BMI > 23, the suitable amount of low energy therapy is BMI > 25, and the very low energy therapy is BMI > 30.

Fitness in order to achieve results, we must do three practice seven eat, that is to say, simple diet control, is far from enough, but also need to carry out appropriate exercise. Weight loss people can choose their own weight loss exercises according to their own needs, such as jogging, swimming, rope skipping, cycling, etc. These aerobic exercises have a good effect in reducing fat, and they can also carry out anaerobic exercise. The best way is to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises. They are the best way to lose weight, but note that the intensity of each exercise should gradually increase, Don’t lose weight in overload exercise.

The daily intake is 2000 calories, while 2500 calories are consumed after exercise and fitness. In this way, there will be 500 calories to burn the body fat, reducing the body fat content, thus reducing the body fat rate and achieving the purpose of reducing fat. So it is very helpful for us to control the calorie gap during the period of reducing fat.

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