What Vegetables should be Eaten to Lose Weight?

Lettuce is rich in nutrients, fully meet the needs of the body, and lettuce contains a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber, which is easy to be digested and absorbed after eating, which is conducive to improving gastrointestinal function. The water content of lettuce is relatively high, as high as 95%, about 15 kilocalories per 100g lettuce. Eating more lettuce during weight loss can avoid the problem of lack of nutrition in the process of weight loss.

Celery is also very low in calories. It contains Daliang dietary fiber. It can speed up gastrointestinal digestion after eating, and has the function of detoxification and slimming. And celery contains diuretic ingredients, diuretic and diuretic to prevent swelling, this is not the role of celery.

There is no need to introduce more about the nutritional components of carrots. I believe we all know it. It is called small ginseng. According to research, eating two carrots a day can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood by about 10-20%. Eating three carrots a day also has a good effect on preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and heart diseases. Carrot itself contains very low calories, during weight loss can maintain a balanced diet, but also can produce a sense of satiety, is one of many vegetables with high water content and cellulose.

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