What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is to exercise and control diet. Drug treatment is mainly for patients with severe obesity. If you really need to take diet pills, you should follow the doctor’s advice. How to deal with the three temptations of exercise, diet and diet pills in the process of weight loss?

Some people only local exercise to lose weight, this method is not desirable. Abdomen is the most easy part of the body to accumulate fat, which affects the body shape. Most people who lose weight work hard on abdominal exercise, hoping to lose this part of the fat. Some people do hundreds of sit ups every day, and after a few weeks, they still can’t reduce their waistline.

Because when the body wants to use fat, fat comes from the whole body, not from a certain part of the fat. Sit up is a good exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles, but it can’t effectively eliminate abdominal fat, so it’s almost impossible to achieve simple local weight loss. Only on the basis of the whole body exercise, and then local exercise, can achieve good results.

It is suggested that we should limit the intake of total calories and provide the body with three major heat sources for meals – sugar, fat and protein. Fat is the most heat source material. Therefore, it is right to limit the intake of fat during weight loss, but is it better to eat less during weight loss?

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