Why do you always Gain Weight?

If you just start exercising, this is one of the main reasons you will see weight gain. You have changed from an inactive lifestyle to an active lifestyle, which will bring some changes to your body.

So, you may lose some fat, but you gain muscle. Muscle is heavier than fat, so you may look thinner, but you’re actually heavier.

Many people tend to eat unhealthy fast food because they usually think that strengthening exercise can balance these. But good eating habits are essential for exercising muscles and burning calories.

Many of us drink a glass of smoothie immediately after exercise. These foods contain a lot of sugar and calories. Some people tend to reduce their calorie intake during the day, but eventually eat more for dinner. Moderation and portion control are important factors you need to consider. Eating too much or too little food, even if it is healthy, will have an impact on your body.

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