Will Exercise More Cause Dehydration?

Because the water in our body is easy to volatilize in hot summer, and the metabolism is faster this season, the phenomenon of sweating will be more serious. So if we can’t supplement water well in summer exercise, it will easily lead to dehydration. Therefore, it is easy to cause dehydration during summer exercise, and it is particularly important to supplement water in time!

Of course, we also have a sense of replenishment. We must replenish certain water before exercise, and we can’t drink too full. Otherwise, you can easily lead to a series of conditions such as abdominal pain during exercise, and we can’t replenish water in time after exercise. We can’t drink big mouthfuls when drinking water, but we must die small mouthfuls, If you drink too much at one time, it will also cause a certain burden on the body.

In hot summer, heatstroke is a very easy phenomenon. For some people who are still in high-intensity training in summer, heatstroke is very easy to occur. So how should we deal with this phenomenon? 1、 We lose a lot of water in our body during exercise. We should supplement a certain amount of water in time. 2、 We can drink a bottle of Huoxiang Zhengqi water or ten drops of water before or after training. These drugs are very effective in preventing heatstroke. So we should reasonably control our exercise time in summer.

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